Measure and optimize TV for your clients


TVSquared is used by agencies to make better TV planning and buying decisions for clients.

With access to same-day performance analytics, agencies identify the characteristics of high- and low-performing media and change buys “in-flight” to drive the highest client value possible.

Matching the right brand to the right media is a win-win situation. Brands get more sales at lower CPAs, incentivizing them to spend more with their agencies. On average, our customers double clients’ TV budgets and see up to 100x increases with corresponding agency value. Clients also improve TV efficiency between 20-80% and optimize campaign performance by 25% or more.


Advertiser expectations of TV are changing – they want better targeting, active management and timely analytics of TV efforts. For agencies, it means measuring and optimizing TV just like digital.

Leverage TVSquared’s same-day TV performance analytics to:

  • Understand the creatives, programs, networks, days and dayparts that drive engagement
  • Increase the efficiency of underperforming spots while on air
  • Improve media planning and buying to decrease CPA and improve CPV
  • Show a holistic view of media, identify long-term brand effect and prove how TV meets quoted campaign targets
  • Attract new clients and retain existing ones that may be thinking of moving on
  • Reduce planning efforts and free up planners for more strategic tasks


Using same-day spot and response data from multiple sources, including web, call centers, apps, mobile, SMS, third-party sites and retail, TVSquared runs continuous analysis on the impact of every TV spot in a clients campaign.

Agency and client on-boarding is simple. Once spot data is uploaded, agencies can access valuable TV performance analysis in as little as 90 minutes.

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Make TV work in ways YOUR CLIENTs never thought possible


Get the “who, what, when and where” of campaign performance and optimize TV’s immediate impact


Improve TV media buys, optimize spend and fine-tune ad strategies for clients


Understand the total impact of TV across all online and offline channels

In eight weeks from the start of the first TV campaign for “What’s My Claim Worth,” we reduced cost per response by 55%.

Simon Crunden

Republic of Media


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