Understand the impact of TV across all online and offline channels

What is the Long-Term Brand Effect of TV?

TVSquared Halo helps advertisers truly understand the impact that TV has on business outcomes – now and in the future – by quantifying the impact that all other marketing and non-marketing efforts have on a brand.

Halo uncovers the relationship between TV and other business-impacting variables such as media spend, online and offline marketing, seasonality and competitor activity, providing advertisers with a detailed and continuous view into the real value of TV.


Whether you’re a brand, agency or network, with Halo:

  • Understand how TV interacts across all online and offline marketing channels
  • Discover TV’s impact on advertiser-critical KPIs
  • Determine carryover effect (adstock) – the impact of TV in the days, weeks and months following exposure
  • Identify the point of diminishing returns in media and prevent overspending
  • Conduct what-if scenarios to foresee the impact and efficiency of planned marketing investments


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