Readly UK Triples Subscriber Base with Help of TV
21 June 2017 • tvsquared

Readly UK, a digital magazine newsstand and one of our clients, told about their first-ever TV campaign – and it’s impressive.

Last summer, Readly entered the world of TV advertising through an airtime-for-equity deal with Channel 4. During the campaign, Readly worked closely with its ad agency and TVSquared to measure and optimize spots. In six months, Readly tripled its subscriber base (a growth of +201% YoY), increased magazine openings by 84% and delivered 7 million digital issues to customers.

The campaign was so successful that Readly Germany and Readly Sweden launched their own TV initiatives.

Check out the entire article here – it’s a great read and a true testament to the power TV can have on an advertiser’s business.

We’ll leave you with a quote from Ranj Begley, Readly UK’s managing director, on future TV plans and how their success influenced others in the publishing industry:

“Last year, we optimized TV and we know what works. This year, we plan to grow our TV presence, using real-time insights to look at brand vanity, expand into terrestrial TV, experiment with online and offline mixes and make strategic, data-backed TV buys … We work with publishers that had completely written off TV. But, based on Readly’s success, many are now seriously considering it as a major part of their ongoing marketing plans.”