TV Still Dominates Video
30 January 2018 • tvsquared
Katie Breen,
Biz Dev Manager

We can scream about TV’s still-strong viewership and its effectiveness as a marketing channel until the cows come home (and we have!). So, when others back up our claims, it’s all the sweeter.

Salesforce released the findings of a worldwide survey of internet users, which found that TV still dominates media consumption – by a lot. About 81% of respondents said they watched broadcast TV at least once a month. The next closest media channels were radio (71%) and streaming video (69%).

The Salesforce study revealed that although there were generational divides around media consumption, TV still has the largest reach compared to other media outlets, including radio, streaming video, cable/satellite and online/print news.

Yes; times are changing, especially when it comes to media consumption. But the change is happening slower than most people realize. TV is frequently watched and it’s influential, not to mention it’s, unequivocally, the most powerful marketing channel for advertisers. The proof is there. Please don’t make us shout about it anymore!