TVSquared On-Air – Well, Online – Talking TV Optimization
20 June 2017 • tvsquared

Our CEO Calum Smeaton and Chief Analytics Officer Blair Robertson hit the air to share TVSquared’s story.

TV Can Be Optimized Like Digital

In a video interview with MarTech Advisor, Calum discussed the new way of thinking about marketing via TV. Most notably, that it can be optimized the same way as digital.

Marketers have grown accustomed to digital’s real-time measurement and optimization – acting fast based on performance insights. Now, they need to apply that thinking to TV. According to Accenture, with close to 90% of TV viewers watching with second-screen devices in-hand or nearby, there’s a “real-time” aspect around TV advertising that’s relatively new for a lot of marketers.

According to Calum:

“Real-time results have changed the cadence with which you can get information about TV campaigns. And that’s one of the biggest shifts we’re seeing. For advertisers, if you wait six weeks after a campaign runs, it’s too late. It’s all about how you can use these results more quickly to think about what’s working, what isn’t and make TV changes in-flight … Most of our clients think about optimizing TV week-on-week rather than waiting for the end of campaigns.” 

To hear more from our fearless leader, check out the entire video here.

Measuring in a Fragmented Landscape

In his interview for MakeGood’s ad-tech series, Blair spoke about the role of linear TV and the complexities of media measurement within today’s fragmented landscape. Specifically, whether or not marketers are properly valuing online video and TV ads.

According to Blair, just as with display, the ability to measure clicks has led marketers to overvalue direct-response video:

“You can’t really measure VOD just in terms of a click- or view-through rate, because there’s probably a brand element too. It’s quite different with linear TV because, in that case, you’re most likely watching on a screen in your living room and you’ve got your laptop/phone there. So when an ad comes up, you’re more likely to click through to it.”

Check out the entire interview here.