‘18 Trends Series: #2 – TV for Reach and Precision
09 January 2018 • tvsquared
Jayne Fairchild,
UK Marketing Manager

Welcome to the second installment in our 2018 trends blog series. Today, let’s talk about the art of TV ad targeting.

Two years ago, P&G’s CMO Marc Pritchard, widely considered one of the industry’s all-time greats, said he was looking for a marketing channel that would provide, “the best way to get the most reach, but also the right precision.” TV is fast becoming this “Holy Grail,” providing not only unprecedented reach, but also more sophisticated targeting options.

For decades, TV has been leveraged for its sheer reach. And while reach is certainly still important (especially for brand awareness), using TV ads to generate response is becoming the primary focus. TV is now a performance-driven channel, and how marketers use it for targeting will explode this year.

Now, when it comes to targeting, most of us think about addressable TV, a market still in its infancy. But advertisers are not waiting for addressable to come to maturity – they’re using their own data for laser-focused targeting with TV.

With the right tools, advertisers are using real-time spot performance data to get valuable insights into audiences’ TV habits, and to find the aspects of buys that are actually driving response. This means knowing the days, times, programs, networks, genres and creatives that directly lead to real-world response. This information is then used to continuously inform more targeted buys.

2018 is year that advertisers will use TV for both reach and precision.

Next week, we’ll explore the modern-day concept of DRTV – and how it applies to every advertiser. To learn more about these trends, you don’t have to wait, download TVSquared’s 2018 ebook today.