’18 Trends Series: #4: The Role of AI
22 January 2018 • tvsquared
Jayne Fairchild,
UK Marketing Manager

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hyped as the next-big thing for years. But for marketers, AI has been used in one form or the other for a while. Real-time creative optimization, bidding strategies, even Facebook’s customer-propensity modeling – it’s all AI. It isn’t new, but 2018 will mark the year that advertisers get even better at using it.

AI technologies have become much more sophisticated, largely due to the richness of available first- and third-party data, combined with the right analytical technologies. With these advances, we expect to see AI tools increasingly used for TV planning, real-time marketing mix modeling (MMM) and machine-to-machine-driven TV buying this year.

But let’s take a step back. Today’s consumers are comprised of large, diverse audiences that consume a wide-range of media channels in different ways, on different devices and at different times. To effectively and efficiently reach target audiences, a marketer has to know their viewing habits, media preferences, device usage, etc. And this is the type of information that is constantly changing. Machine-learning technologies, the cornerstone of AI, will enable marketers to find the patterns that show the “ideal media mix” to not only reach the right customers, but do so at the right time and with the right message.

The sheer volume of data and complexity of human behavior make it impossible to perform such analysis without the assistance of the complex modeling that AI provides. And 2018 is its year.


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