3 Golden Rules for TV Optimization
14 June 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Marcom Director

Iain Lickerish, our Director of Client Services, shared the “3 Golden Rules for TV Optimization” during the latest TVSquared “Ad Break” webinar. If you missed it, you can access the webinar on demand here or read the recap below.

Iain Lickerish, Director of Client Services

The goal of Iain’s webinar was to give advertisers – across industries – quick, easy rules to implement when optimizing their TV campaigns:

  1. Understand what you can change: It’s important to know what elements of the buy you can influence. This often depends on the type of buy and the location in which it was made – and it will vary for every advertiser. If you’re a brand, talk to your agency about what can be changed (dayparts, networks, creatives, etc.) and what’s possible in terms of in-flight optimization.

From there, focus your energy on optimizing those areas, as there’s no point in trying to measure or optimize things that can’t be changed.

2. Don’t be dramatic: This rule is all about making regular, incremental changes. Our most successful clients optimize little, but often. They make regular, small adjustments to their buys based on the most recent information.

Most TV buys have a relatively small volume of extremes – both “good” and “bad.” What you want to do is focus on those extremes vs. the bulk buy, which is likely performing at a relatively stable level. This ensures you maximize the impact of those changes, with the least amount of effort possible.

3. Experiment: Again, our most successful clients assign a small part of their budgets to try new things. Use your results and insights to find new ideas.

Perhaps you’ve bought a certain genre of programming, but you’ve seen that sports have performed particularly well. You could target sports-only networks or times of the day when live events are aired. Measure the new buys to find the ones that deserve more investment and those that don’t (table them and try something new!).

To learn more about these rules, and see how TVSquared users can implement optimizations within ADvantage, check out the “3 Golden Rules for TV Optimization” webinar on demand.