5 Questions With ... Stephen Bradley, Junior Software Developer
27 November 2019 • tvsquared
Jayne Fairchild,
Marketing Manager

Continuing our “Five Questions With …” blog series, we spoke with Junior Software Developer, Stephen Bradley. He came to TVSquared from CodeClan, the Edinburgh-based Digital Skills Academy. Following his internship, he became a permanent, full-time, member of the development team.

1. What is your biggest achievement in your role at TVSquared?

The biggest achievement so far is having a feature I worked on go live on the site. Initially, it looked like a fairly simple problem, but grew more complex the further we dug into it. Being new to coding, it was a mammoth task to take on, but I worked hard and eventually got it completed. Now, companies around the world will be using it, and it’s a good feeling.

2. Is there an aspect of your role you’re particularly excited about right now?

In general, the continued learning that working at TVSquared offers. I’m using languages that I hadn’t trained in and I’m getting exposed to different parts of the codebase: frontend, backend, data, devops and how a software business actually operates in the real world. It’s all pretty interesting.

3. Why did you choose a career in Software Development?

I’ve always had a desire to build things and solve problems, which is why I trained to be an architect. Sadly, when I started working in the architecture profession, I realized I had no passion for it and knew I needed a change.

When I found CodeClan I realized that, with perseverance and hard work, software development could give me an unlimited opportunity to build interesting applications, to always learn and to solve problems on a daily basis.

4. What’s your favorite TV ad campaign?

The 1971 Coca-Cola “Hilltop” ad – “If I could teach the world to sing.” It was in a documentary about Coca-Cola that I watched recently and now I can’t forget the tune. Guess it worked!


5. After a busy day, how do you like to relax?

Hitting the gym and training for a 5k run.