5 (More) Reasons to Work with TVSquared
16 April 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Content Director

TV is still, by far, the most effective marketing channel. But is your brand taking advantage of all that it has to offer?

TVSquared has turned linear TV into a performance-marketing channel that can be measured and optimized in real-time (just like digital). Here are five of the top reasons why more than 700 brands and agencies in 70+ countries work with us:

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  1. Measure with a Dynamic Baseline

TVSquared provides the most accurate TV campaign performance measurement available and this is due to our dynamic baseline model. Typically, TV has been measured using static baselines, which lead to inaccurate results and costly errors. Why? Because baselines are inherently dynamic. We use a sophisticated statistical approach called “frequency decomposition” to calculate a baseline every minute of every day.

  1. Optimize for Performance

Measuring how TV impacts your business is important, but using those insights to then optimize campaigns is crucial to maximize spend, generate response and drive sales. Our customers know exactly which days, dayparts, networks, genres, programs, creatives and audience segments drive response. Our ADvantage platform also generates buy recommendations that will lead to maximum response, quantifying the impact of TV before buys are even placed.

  1. Sync TV and Search

Close to 90% of TV viewers watch with second-screen devices in-hand or nearby. This has led to TV becoming a primary driver of digital activity – especially search. TVSquared’s SearchSync helps advertisers take advantage of this synergy by “syncing” TV spots with paid search initiatives. Brands secure the top search positions in the minutes after TV spots air, capitalizing on high-interest moments and maximizing TV-driven response.

  1. Leverage Real-Time Spot Detection

Spot data tells you when and where a TV ad has aired – and it’s a core component of TV analytics. Yet getting this type of data has been anything but simple. Traditionally, it’s taken several weeks to get this type of information and, once received, manually collecting and loading it is resource-intensive. TVSquared’s ADwatch technology provides automated, real-time spot detection, which eliminates the need to manually upload post-logs and ensures faster time-to-TV insights.

  1. See TV Performance Globally … and Quickly

On average, TVSquared’s platform is up and running for advertisers within a day (usually just a few hours). And it’s the only TV analytics solution that works in every single country in the world. Hundreds of our clients run TV ads in multiple countries (some even up to 30!). ADvantage gives them a single view of how TV is performing globally, providing them with real-time insights to make TV work as an optimized performance-driven channel.