5 Steps to Make TV a Performance-Marketing Channel
31 July 2019 • tvsquared
Mark Hudson,
Head of Business Intelligence

The following is a summary of Mark Hudson’s full article, which was published by WARC on July 31, 2019.

TV has evolved into a true performance medium, and it’s critical for advertisers to understand how to leverage it for even stronger campaign results. Here’s how to do it in five steps:

Step #1: Start with the End Goal in Mind

The main objectives for a TV campaign need to be clearly outlined. These might include increasing brand awareness or heightening website visits, among others, but it’s imperative that the outcomes be measurable.

This step is essential to ensure campaigns can be effectively optimized before, during and after spots air.

Step #2: Experiment with Creatives

Creative testing is vital to success, regardless of the type of campaign. Even a seemingly minor creative change, such as altering length or choosing different music, can have a huge impact on TV ad performance.

TVSquared’s long-time client, Delivery Hero, found that setting up a formal testing process allowed for a deeper understanding of ad response by region and country.

Step #3: Be Ready for Response

While planning and executing a campaign are undeniably important, being fully prepared to assess consumer response is just as crucial.

When measuring online activity following spot airings, advertisers will see notable spikes above baseline. Due to this, back-end systems and processes must be ready to accommodate the increased traffic. This includes, but is not limited to, making sure the website won’t crash and briefing call center staff about the campaign.

Step #4: Measure, Analyze, Repeat

Real-time performance data empowers advertisers to see which aspects of TV buys – such as dayparts, programming, genres and days of week – are the most effective, and which are not.

Advertisers can use this timely data to refine strategies and focus ad spend on placements that drive engagement.

Step #5: Knowledge is Power

Insights gathered from campaigns can inform future ones. Never lose sight of the fact that each and every spot provides a wealth of data that can optimize planning and buying decisions for future campaigns.

By keeping these five steps in mind, advertisers can increase the overall effectiveness of their TV campaigns dramatically.