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7 Tips for New-to-TV Advertisers
19 September 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Marcom Director

We often talk to brands that are about to take the leap into TV. Given the resources that go into a TV campaign – planning, creative development, buying, reporting – it’s understandable that many are overwhelmed with the process and anxious to prove ROI.

When offering advice to TV newbies, we stress that they need to look at TV as a performance-marketing channel – one that can be measured and optimized in real time. While TV has traditionally been used for reach/brand awareness, the nature of second-screening TV viewers has also turned it into a primary driver of digital response.

To take advantage of this shift, and make the most out of their first TV campaigns, these are seven tips we share with new-to-TV advertisers:

  1. Know Your Goal

While it seems simple enough, not having a set goal is one of the most common mistakes for new-to-TV advertisers. It’s critical to define exactly what you want to accomplish with your first campaign (build brand awareness, drive website sales, promote app activity, etc.). Being specific about what you want to achieve sets the stage for everything else in your campaign.

  1. Consider the Creative

With your first campaign, cast a wide net. Test various creatives or variations of the same one – even the subtlest changes can cause big swings in performance. You’ll also want to think critically about your call to action, as it should complement your overall goal. For example, if you’re using TV to drive site traffic, is your web address front and center in the spot? Remember, today’s TV viewer engages immediately with brands that interest them via second-screen devices. Take advantage of that!

  1. With Buys, Start Broad

Many new-to-TV advertisers assume they know the TV habits of their target audiences. Don’t make this mistake! More targeted buys are expensive, and they’re not guaranteed to drive response. For your first campaign, start with a broader buy. Once you’ve measured what works and what doesn’t, you can start to think about more focused buys.

  1. Be Ready to Handle the Spike

Do not underestimate the response you’ll get from TV. In all likelihood, you’re not going to see blips in response – you’re going to experience major spikes. Make sure you’re ready to handle them. For example, if the ad is driving people to your site, are the right back-end systems in place to ensure it won’t crash.

  1. Measure … Repeat

Knowing how your spot performed minutes after it airs is not only possible, but it’s vital for success. TVSquared’s ADvantage platform provides same-day spot measurement that shows the aspects of TV buys (day, time, genre, program, etc.) that are performing and those that aren’t. This type of timely information proves the value of TV and helps inform future endeavors.

  1. Continuously Optimize

Most of the “first timers” we work with become seasoned TV advertisers. But the most successful ones don’t just analyze performance, they proactively use those insights to optimize future campaigns. With every spot, you have the data to make more informed planning and buying decisions for the next go round.

  1. Choose a TV-Savvy Agency Partner

If you decide to get an agency partner, find one that is a TV-performance expert. This means the team:

  • Understands how to leverage TV for response
  • Encourages in-flight changes to improve performance
  • Makes strategic, data-backed, transparent planning and buying decisions

To learn more about making your first TV campaign a success, we have a plethora of resources available on our site. Or, as always, just give us a shout!