Optimizing TV campaign performance one advertiser at a time

Our History

Founded in an Edinburgh kitchen by a group of data scientists in 2012, TVSquared has become a multinational organization that’s changed the way advertisers measure and optimize TV.

For advertisers, the success or failure of TV campaigns was based on out-of-date, inaccurate information. TV ads were always bought and designed around ratings data – received about six weeks after a spot aired. Advertisers had no way of knowing crucial details about what spot worked best, on what network, on what day, during what time of day, etc. For a $208 billion global industry, TV advertising had no accurate way of measuring and optimizing TV.

Our team of data scientists, many who spent most of their careers in fintech and e-commerce, found out about the lack of timely data analysis for TV advertising and set out to solve that problem by turning TV into an optimizable marketing channel.

Today, more than 700 brands, agencies and networks in 70 countries use TVSquared. Whether it’s determining the effectiveness of a single spot, improving the performance of on-air campaigns, optimizing media spend, informing planning and buying or understanding the total impact of TV, TVSquared has succeeded in making it all possible.

Record-Setting Data Capacity

TVSquared tracks around 175 million website hits per day – more than 5 billion per month. In fact, we recently hit a peak rate of 212,000 hits per minute.


One of the reasons for our data capacity is because we provide customers with the most advanced, self-scaling stacks.

This enables rapid auto-scaling of additional servers and immediate storage and processing of massive amounts of data.


TVSquared uses a sophisticated statistical approach called “frequency decomposition” to accurately calculate the baseline every minute of every day – generating a continuous baseline profile.


TVSquared’s flexible API allows customers to fully export platform data to their preferred brand reporting tools and attribution models.

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