AdExchanger: TV Ads = Digital Response
30 November 2017 • tvsquared
Katie Breen,
Biz Dev Manager

TV has been an advertising staple for years, providing brands with unrivaled reach. While digital has certainly taken a chunk of ad dollars from TV, the rise of second-screen devices have actually made TV advertising even more powerful. Why? Because it’s all about the “kicker effect.”

Daniel Gulick, TVSquared’s insights engineer, discussed TV’s digital kicker effect with AdExchanger. Nearly 90% of people have digital devices in-hand nearby when watching TV. This has turned the channel into a primary drive of digital activity for advertisers. Not only do TV spots create awareness, they also evoke digital response.

Check out some highlights from the article:

Site Traffic: With second-screen devices, viewers quickly and easily visit brands’ websites during or soon after watching their TV spots. It’s been reported that 82% of advertisers found a direct correlation between TV ads and website traffic.

Search: Google found that two-thirds of smartphone owners use second-screens to learn more about things they see on TV ads via search.

App Activity: Getting consumers to download apps lets brands directly connect via push notifications and increase loyalty and retention rates. Studies have shown that TV ads drive app-install uplifts by up to 74%.

Social: Consumers use social to directly communicate with brands about TV ads. In fact, 14+ million Facebook and Twitter interactions last fall were about what users saw on TV.

Text: More than 80% of Americans text regularly, and 98% open SMS messages. Text is becoming an effective way to interact with consumers in a more personalized, long-term manner. You may have noticed an increasing number of TV spots that incorporate strong text calls-to-action.



Check out the entire article here, and to learn even more about TV’s kicker effect, download TVSquared ebook on the topic.