Advanced TV

Measure audience response and prove TV performance
across linear, OTT and VOD

Maximize Advanced TV Advertising

TVSquared’s approach to measuring TV performance is evolving with the media landscape, and includes robust and granular data and all forms of content delivery.

Using both deterministic and probabilistic data, our unified TV methodology combines household-level impression data from set-top boxes, with demographic segment data and granular response measurement, allowing us to deliver scale and coverage without compromising accuracy.


We deterministically connect viewership data with TV ad performance data to deliver impression-level insight. Deterministic data includes impression-level and detailed segmentation information, including who responded to a TV spot, as well as reach and frequency by audience demographic.

Our platform is flexible and architected to be data independent and use a variety of data sources. Our unified approach lets you track everything from spot and campaign level performance right down to the demographic detail of who is responding.

Leverage impression-level data to understand:

  • TV campaign uplift
  • Immediate and longer-term response to TV
  • Who is viewing and responding to TV ads
  • Frequency and reach by demographic segment
  • Recency (how important recency of exposure is)

Our approach covers all forms of TV delivery – from linear to VOD and OTT – and overcomes challenges associated with only applying impression-level measurement (i.e. deterministic) that relies on small datasets, leading to upscaling errors and misrepresentation.


Streaming and on-demand services enable us to measure TV advertising beyond linear. With VOD and OTT, we track impressions via the ad server, providing 100% coverage vs. approaches that rely solely on ACR technology.

Our unified approach provides insight into:

  • View throughs
  • View throughs within a specific window
  • Lift above a baseline or control group
  • Cost per visit and conversion
  • Reach, frequency and recency


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