OTT Advertising

Digital TV Measurement

Measure Impressions & Outcomes Across OTT Advertising

By collecting impression data from the adserver, TVSquared captures 100% of OTT advertising and accurately measures response, tying TV ads to direct business outcomes.

Whether brands are running OTT as standalone, or as part of a broader TV campaign, TVSquared quantifies TV’s impact, tracks response across devices and informs campaign optimizations.

Tie OTT to Business Outcomes

TVSquared measures the business impact of OTT campaigns by connecting ad exposure to real-world outcomes. This includes measuring brand engagement/response via the brand’s website or app, including onsite and in-app actions, right down to actual sales.

Through adserver tags, TVSquared measures OTT performance across all ad-supported streaming services, and across any screen from smart TVs to mobile devices and laptops. Results are refreshed daily.

By combining first- and third-party datasets (including smart TV, set-top box and server-side tagging across the OTT landscape), we measure performance with scale and precision for linear and OTT advertising, regardless of smart TV and panel size.

Access Always-on Performance Analytics

TVSquared delivers real-time TV analytics, giving you always-on performance analysis for digital TV campaigns at macro and granular levels. By placing an impression pixel on the ad server, we capture exposure information and collect 100% of impressions served for your campaigns. We then compare exposures to response on your advertiser’s website and serve up insights so that you can evaluate OTT ad performance and determine optimizations for future digital TV campaigns.

OTT performance analytics include:

  • Viewer response and impact by weekday/daypart, device type, creative, campaign flight, etc.
  • Performance across publishers
  • Comparison of OTT and linear ad effectiveness
  • Key metrics such as frequency, conversion rates and cost per visit
  • Reach, frequency and recency analytics, along with impressions delivered by geo


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