Make TV a Performance-Marketing Channel

Optimize TV for Response

TVSquared ADvantage, the world’s leading TV performance analytics and optimization platform, gives advertisers everything they need to measure, optimize and plan for TV campaigns that maximize media spend, generate the greatest response and drive sales and conversions.

More than 700 brands, agencies and networks in 70+ countries use ADvantage to improve TV campaign effectiveness by up to 80%.


Same-day performance insights 

  • See the immediate and long-term impact of TV
  • Understand spot-level and campaign-wide performance by day, daypart, network, genre, program, creative and audience
  • Track how TV drives response via phone, app, mobile, web and SMS
  • Calculate TV-driven conversions and campaign ROI
  • Evaluate creatives with detailed performance analytics


Put TV analytics into action 

  • Maximize spend based on real-time performance insights
  • Identify underperforming buys to make in-flight changes
  • Reach the right people, in the right places and at the right times with audience-level data
  • Generate buy recommendations that drive maximum response and meet business objectives
  • Quantify the impact of TV before buys are even placed
  • Access buy comparisons that show the impact by response, spend and CPA

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