Linear & OTT Measurement

A single, unified, always-on platform measuring impressions, reach and outcomes across linear and digital TV anywhere in the world.

Immediate Response

Short-term spike analysis proves lift and response in the hours and days following an ad airing, with granular analysis down to the individual TV spot.

Longer-Term Impact

Performance analytics prove the extended impact of TV, capturing Adstock and longer-term brand effect beyond the initial days and weeks of a campaign.

Household-Level Attribution

Smart TV and set-top-box data show who is responding to TV ads, along with reach, frequency and audience analytics.

tvsquared advantage desktop platform

ADvantage measures linear and OTT in a single platform, enabling advertisers to tie TV to business outcomes across all forms of TV advertising.


Tie TV to Business Outcomes

Quantify TV’s impact across linear and OTT with fast time to insights, and track response by sales, registrations, app activity, web traffic, etc. Flexible KPIs give you the ability to measure what matters most.


Uncover Performance Insights

Access always-on performance analytics by TV programs, channels, days, dayparts, genres and creatives. Understand key performance trends across linear and OTT, along with who is converting and responding.


Improve TV ROI

Increase sales and brand engagement with actionable TV insights. Analyze performance for linear and OTT, including response across screens, and leverage analytics to inform optimizations to airing schedules and future buys.

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