Build trust, win business and maximize linear and digital TV performance for advertisers

Prove TV performance across linear and OTT advertising, promote transparency and incentivize clients to increase investments.


TVSquared’s robust TV measurement and analytics suite supports agency portfolios of all sizes – from tens to 100s of clients across local, national and global brands. With a large data marketplace and the ability to measure linear and OTT within a single platform, scale quickly and deliver faster, better, more transparent TV measurement for proof of performance and ROAS.

Always-On TV Performance

Speed up time-to-TV insights with always-on, actionable TV analytics and run scenario testing to optimize in-flight and future TV planning and buying. Analyze performance for linear and OTT, across devices, and drill down into granular and macro analytics at the spot and campaign levels – by programs, channels, days, dayparts, genres and creatives.


With billions of impressions tracked daily, discover optimal reach and frequency and uncover who is responding to TV advertising down to demographic audience segments.

“Our partnership with TVSquared is an invaluable one, and we extend the full suite of benefits to all of our clients. TVSquared’s technology goes well beyond the top of the funnel. It gives us and our clients a better understanding of what ultimately drives conversion, and how TV is performing alongside other marketing channels. It has helped us bridge the analytics gap from offline spend to online sales, giving us a more transparent view into overall performance.”

Matthew Hultgren

VP of Analytics, Marketing Architects


Get the “who, what, when and where” of TV ad performance and optimize for response


Manage and control TV investments across countries, brands, roles and responsibilities


Understand the longer-term impact of TV campaigns in the weeks and months after they air


Measure impressions and outcomes across OTT advertising and maximize campaign performance

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