Inform and Optimize TV Based on Enriched Audience Insights

Discover the “Who” Behind
TV-Driven Response

TVSquared Audience makes TV a targeted, performance-marketing channel.

Go beyond the “what, when and how” of TV attribution and understand the “who” behind TV campaign performance. Access TV analytics, including behavioral and demographic insights that go beyond age and gender, to identify the audience segments responding to TV and then optimize spend for those targets.

Optimize TV Based on Audience Response

Audience-level insights enable digital-like targeting never before available for TV advertisers.

Discover which buy elements (creatives, times, days, channels, etc.) resonate with specific audience segments. Understand those targets’ viewing habits and uncover insights on audiences you didn’t even know were responding to TV.

Audience-Level Analysis & Reporting

Get deeper-level demographic data and access at-a-glance reporting that drills down into audience segments, including income, education, occupation, marital status, life stages and much more.

Analyze audience response by creative, region or device and use those insights to inform your TV strategies.

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