Auto has a Case of “The Mondays”
07 October 2019 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
MarCom Director

Auto brands have been a mainstay on TV for decades. With its unprecedented reach, what better way to spread the word about a model launch or dealership sale? But what often surprises people is just how forward-thinking the industry is when it comes to using TV for performance too. In fact, these brands are some of TVSquared’s most sophisticated clients when it comes to leveraging TV for response – site traffic, search, dealership visits, app activity, you name it.

That’s why we took a deep dive into TV performance data to assess how TV directly impacts business outcomes for auto brands. If you haven’t downloaded “Taking Back the Wheel: TV Ad Performance Insights for Automotive Brands,” you’re missing out on valuable insights.

While the report is packed with information, let’s take a closer look at day-of-week findings, as these are highly variable buy elements for advertisers regardless of verticals.

For auto brands, we found that weekends drove significantly better performance vs. earlier in the week. Saturdays and Sundays were, by far, the best performing days, delivering response rates consistently 7%-15% above average.

And this makes sense, especially for high-consideration purchases like cars. Consumers need time to research, read reviews, find dealers, play around with car configurators, etc. For other high-considerations products, like travel and appliances, we see weekends (and often Thursday evenings and Fridays) kill it for performance.

But why does auto have a case of the Mondays? Because Monday is easily the worst performing day overall; not to mention buys cost 10% more per response than average. When compared to weekend spots, Mondays were 18% more expensive in delivering response. In short, Mondays don’t perform well and come at a premium.

It’s important to note that every brand is unique (what works for one might not work for another). But if I was an auto brand, I’d use these findings to test and learn – moving a portion of spots planned for Monday through Wednesday to later in the week to take advantage of stronger response rates.

Download our auto report to learn more about the days, dayparts, program genres, KPIs and spot lengths that are performing best for auto brands.