Beet.TV Video Series: Mastering Local TV Attribution
17 June 2019 • tvsquared
Marlessa Stivala,
Content Marketing Manager

In a recent interview from our video series with Beet.TV, “TV: Now an Outcomes-Driven Medium,” our CRO, Jo Kinsella, talked about how local advertisers are enjoying game-changing benefits from TV attribution.

“At TVSquared, we’ve cracked the local market,” Jo said, adding that it’s been one of our fastest growing areas in the last 12 months.

In the video below, she explains how local advertisers are realizing what national brands have known for years: with the right technology, they can measure and optimize TV to prove and optimize performance.

On why local advertisers are such a logical fit for this type of measurement, Jo said, “They have the ability to flex spend, increase spend relatively quickly … and the availability of local inventory is significantly bigger.”

With TVSquared’s ADvantage platform or via a network’s attribution solution (many of which are powered by TVSquared), local advertisers can continually optimize to make their ad buys more efficient – even by making small, yet significant, changes, such as moving dayparts.

Jo noted that, across the industry, an increasingly high amount of brands, agencies and networks are realizing attribution is now the key to continued success:

“In order to stay competitive and win and retain business, networks need to be able to demonstrate proof of performance to local advertisers – and that’s no longer ratings, it’s more about tying linear TV campaigns to business outcomes.”

Watch Jo’s full interview below!