Beet.TV Video Series: TV is an Outcomes-Driven Medium
06 June 2019 • tvsquared
Marlessa Stivala,
Content Marketing Manager

In the world of TV advertising, proof of performance has become essential to buyers and sellers alike. The former, understandably, want to ensure ad spend is maximized with the right inventory; while the latter want to prove that what they’re selling is worth the investment in the first place.

To kick off TVSquared’s new video series with Beet.TV, “TV: Now an Outcomes-Driven Medium,” our CEO, Calum Smeaton, spoke about how the industry is approaching proof of performance and embracing real-time TV attribution.

Calum explained how the industry is seeing a major shift as more brands understand that TV performance can be measured and optimized in real time (just like digital) – and then demand that from the sell side.

While noting that, back in the early 2010s, it was largely a lot of forward-thinking e-commerce brands that were gravitating toward real-time TV attribution, Calum said how, at TVSquared, “we’re now seeing the full range of the ecosystem looking at TV attribution and how they use it.”

This includes media owners and broadcasters that are realizing they need to be able to prove to advertisers how and why TV is effective. As Calum said, regarding proof of performance:

“[It can be done], it works and therefore why wouldn’t you give your advertisers proof that what you’ve got works?”

When discussing what differentiates TVSquared from other companies, Calum addressed three key points:

  1. We have been “global from day one,” and work with thousands of advertisers in 70+ countries
  2. Our hybrid approach to accessing and analyzing data through both deterministic and probabilistic attribution, provides “a scale range that others can’t”
  3. How quickly we can onboard clients to our ADvantage platform, delivering them fast results in real-time

Check out the video interview in its entirety below!