Your Best View for TV Analytics
07 July 2018 • tvsquared
Jamie Lemle,
VP of Marketing

It can be easy to get lost in the deep ocean of analytics, and all the ways in which you can slice and dice data. The common theme we see from our customers is the need for timely, relevant and actionable TV analytics that help them understand media performance, demonstrate ROI, improve efficiencies and optimize media planning and buying.

Enriched dashboards and newly added customization capabilities are accessible in ADvantage. Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve identified four high-demand performance views:


  1. KPI Management

Having basic metrics available in your dashboard, such as spots aired, media spend and number of responses, lets you easily evaluate KPI targets.

This dashboard shows a media overview so that you can manage impact and efficiency to ensure you’re achieving KPIs. Tracking performance activity over time lets you see if the changes you make to your buy are resulting in improved performance.

KPI Management focuses on key metrics such as:

  • Media metrics like spend, impressions, spots and cost per thousand (CPM)
  • Impact and efficiency metrics, including responses, cost per response (CPR), response rate, conversions, cost per conversion (CPC) and conversion rate
  • Performance over time, including cost, CPR, impressions and response rate


  1. Campaign Performance

Drilling down into multiple dimensions, such daypart, weekday, creative and channel, can help you identify opportunities for campaign optimizations.

This dashboard uses heat maps across different dimensions and shows performance based on CPR. As a result, you can quickly demonstrate what’s working and what’s not – helping you drive cost-effective optimizations and understand where creatives begin to taper off in terms of driving response.

Key metrics in Campaign Performance include:

  • Daypart by CPR
  • Weekday by CPR
  • Channel by CPR
  • Creative performance over time


  1. Inventory Evaluation

Identifying inventory that has worked well and flagging inventory that didn’t is a good place to start planning your next buy.

This dashboard is built to help you zero in on top- and bottom-performing inventory sources and gives easy access into inventory performance based on audience reach. You can leverage these analytics to determine inventory value, ensuring you got what you paid for at the best rate. If you didn’t, you can use this as a negotiation tool for future buying.

Key metrics in Inventory Evaluation include:

  • Most popular channels by audience impressions
  • Top- and bottom-performing channels by CPR
  • Response volume and cost efficiency by channel
  • KPIs by channel, including cost, impressions and efficiency


  1. Creative Performance

Even with TV’s evolution into a more direct-response-centric channel, creative has and will always remain a core part of advertising. In fact, you can treat your creatives as dynamic optimization opportunities and use creative analytics to inform future planning and buying.

This dashboard will help you understand creative impact, and identify the top- and bottom-performing creatives across campaign dimensions (channel, weekday, daypart, etc.). With detailed analytics, you can drive more creative testing, make in-flight adjustments based on cross-dimensional insights and use actionable analytics for future creative and media planning. You can even leverage performance analytics to optimize the actual creative by making subtle changes in post-production.

Key metrics in Creative Performance include:

  • Creatives aired by audience impressions
  • Creative performance per audience impressions/response
  • Weekly creative response rate
  • Creative performance by channel, daypart and weekday


TV has become a performance-marketing channel, and with the right insights and analytics, it can be measured and optimized just like digital.

We know that each business and role within an organization has its own needs and KPIs. That’s why we’re building the best views of TV performance and offering clients a chance to create their own custom dashboards. Whether you’re a CMO, brand manager, media planner/buyer or analyst, TVSquared has got you covered.

Our clients can learn more about the latest and greatest ADvantage dashboards by setting up a 15-minute training session. Learn more here.

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