On-Demand Webinar:
What Now? the Best Ways to Maximize Your Upfront Buys

Make your upfronts count. Learn how to maximize your TV ad investment.

Upfronts exemplify traditional TV buying: advertisers gain access to premium inventory, but they often get little to no flexibility or opportunity to optimize.

This type of “old school” buying can be limiting, but don’t let it restrict your overall strategy – make sure all your TV ad buys are truly working to your advantage.

Watch this on-demand webinar on how to maximize your upfront ad spend and get the most out of your overall ad buys. Learn about:

  • How to expertly navigate all of your inventory options
  • Ways to decide which networks, genres and programs work best for you
  • Why solid ratings aren’t always the best fits for advertisers – and making sure your TV ads are proving performance

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