Drive sales and brand response with linear and digital TV

Thousands of brands across the world use TVSquared to measure performance on linear and OTT advertising

Tie TV to Business Outcomes

Quantify TV’s impact across linear and OTT advertising with same-day performance insights and track response by sales, registrations, app activity and web traffic. From immediate TV response to longer-term TV impact and household-level attribution, TVSquared allows you to measure what matters most across local and national ad campaigns.

Always-On TV Performance

Increase sales and brand engagement with always-on, actionable TV analytics. Analyze performance for linear and OTT, across devices, and drill down into granular and macro analytics at the spot and campaign levels – by programs, channels, days, dayparts, genres and creatives.


With billions of impressions tracked daily, discover optimal reach and frequency and uncover who is responding to TV advertising down to demographic audience segments.

“We went with TVSquared because they specialize in TV itself. When you talk to them, they know what they’re doing. They have a great platform and easy-to-use dashboards. They’ve offered us different ways of measuring and thinking about TV as a marketing channel.”

Aaron Sanandres



Get the “who, what, when and where” of TV ad performance and optimize for response


Manage and control TV investments across countries, brands, roles and responsibilities


Understand the longer-term impact of TV campaigns in the weeks and months after they air


Measure impressions and outcomes across OTT advertising and maximize campaign performance

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