Why Buy a Solution that Only Works in One Country?
24 January 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Content Director

I’m not going to lie to you; there are other TV analytics companies out there. In fact, it’s become quite the crowded space, reflecting the demand for faster, smarter ways to maximize TV’s impact. But not all players are created equal.

Now, we typically keep our blog vendor-neutral and educational. If you wanted to read about TVSquared, our tech, team, differentiators, etc., you’d go to the main site. But I heard something from a colleague today – something that I’ve heard many times before – that needs to be addressed.

I heard that yet another brand ditched its TV analytics provider because the tech only worked in the United States. The brand then came right to TVSquared to get up-and-running on ADvantage, which works in every single country in the world. (It’s the only platform that can do that, by the way.)

But this begs the question, “why would you buy a solution that only works in one country in the first place?”

Even with the TV analytics vendors that claim to support more than one country, it’s usually via partnerships – which then makes me ask, “why have multiple partners when you could have one?”

At TVSquared, we have hundreds of clients who run TV ads in multiple countries, some even up to 30. ADvantage gives them a single view of how TV performs globally. They have the real-time insights to make TV work as an optimized, performance-driven channel, generating revenue and sales and benefiting from economies of scale.

As Eric Schmidt said, “If you look at the history of technology over a couple hundred years, it’s all about time compression and making the globe smaller.” Stop making tech investments that limit you or bring more complexity into your life. For TV analytics, you can buy a small, tactical tool, or you can go with a true global solution that works in every country in the world. You decide.