Capture Competitors' TV-Driven Search Traffic
02 February 2018 • tvsquared
Shona Maguire,
Product Marketing Manager 


Do you want to capture your competitors’ TV-driven search traffic?

We know that TV is a primary driver of search traffic. And we know that having the top search position results in, by far, the highest click-through rates. We also know that it’s extremely expensive to maintain the top spot all the time. This is why advertisers need to capitalize on the moments when traffic spikes – in the minutes following TV ad airings.

Securing the top ranking when your own TV ad airs is a no-brainer. It ensures efficiency of spend and keeps you in the premier spot when consumers’ intent-to-buy/engage are the high. That’s the bread-and-butter of our SearchSync product.

But what if you could have the top ranking in the minutes after your competitor’s TV ads run too?

Many SearchSync users are doing just this – essentially, taking advantage of competitors’ TV spend to drive traffic to their own site. Using SearchSync for competitive bidding, they secure the top spots over competitors. While a rival’s TV ad might have spurred on a consumer to search, your brand is reaping the benefits.

It’s kind of genius. [insert evil-genius laugh]

Here’s one of my favorite examples:

A well-known pet brand, Company X, was advertising a flea-and-tick treatment on TV. Another brand, Company Z (one of our customers), sold a similar product – let’s call it “Doggy Don’t Itch.” Whenever Company X ran a TV ad, Company Z synced its search campaigns to bid for and secure the top search spot. Company Z positioning itself as a viable alternative and effectively capturing the flea-and-tick treatment ad traffic, diverting it to its own website and making a ton of sales.


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