Capture the High-Interest Moments that TV Drives
29 January 2018 • tvsquared
Kevin O’Reilly,
Chief Strategy Officer

Search marketers have a unique advantage. They can target prospects more efficiently than many other marketing vehicles because they can serve relevant messages at the moments of intent – i.e. the search.


When it comes to unbranded terms – those that advertisers spend upward of 90% of their SEM budgets on – it’s the opportunity to market to and capture intenders. Of course, this is a bidding environment against the competition. While first position on every impression might seem ideal, it’s most likely not obtainable, and even then, not an optimal use of budget. Instead, search marketers look at optimizing their budgets by product, audience and timing.

So, why are we talking about search marketing on a TV analytics platform?

It’s all to do with optimizing the search budget. Ideally, we want to optimize it in periods of higher demand and into audiences that have higher engagement with the brand post click-through. One of the best times to do that is in the minutes after the brand has advertised on TV.

TVSquared has proven that TV delivers direct (search and direct-type) engagement with a brand’s web and mobile assets in the minutes following an ad airing. Simply, interested consumers use second-screen devices to find out more about the brand immediately following exposure to a spot.

Actual Web Response to a TV Ad

However, as approximately 85% of web traffic starts with search, that TV traffic is going to pass through search on the way to discovering more about your brand. In the case where those searches are product-driven, it’s a chance for competitors to intercept your traffic or vice versa.

TVSquared SearchSync

SearchSync helps marketers capture web traffic that their TV ad is generating by coordinating SEM campaign bidding with TV airings. Using TVSquared’s platform, marketers just need to set their keyword bidding process as normal and we do the rest, including dynamic spot detection and campaign triggering within seconds of the spot airing.

Brands leveraging the platform have not only seen 20%+ increases in click-through rates, but because high-consideration audiences are being captured, they’ve also experienced 30% drops in bounce rates, 50% increases in time-on-site and 20% increases in brand uplift.

Leveraging dynamic bidding in this way – when TV is on air – ensures that a brand is maximizing the impact that TV has, not just in building brand consideration, but also for driving and capturing high-consideration traffic into the digital funnel.


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