Case Study: Accurately Attributing TV Spots to Digital Activity
26 June 2018 • tvsquared
Inna Petrova,
Marketing Manager

With the rise of second-screen devices, it’s no surprise that TV has become a primary driver of digital activity. What’s more, the majority of TV-driven online activities, such as web visits, search, app downloads or online purchases, take place in the minutes after TV spots air. These are the moments when consumer intent-to-buy/engage are especially high.

But accurately quantifying the connection between TV ad airings and digital activity has been a challenge for marketers for years, including one of Australia’s largest insurance providers.

TV is a significant part of the company’s marketing mix, and its marketing team believes that TV performance is critical in Australia’s highly competitive insurance space. But the company was facing a challenge: the inability to directly tie TV spot airings to web activity. It couldn’t accurately quantify how TV ad spend was impacting web traffic.

In an effort to fill this gap, the insurance provider partnered with TVSquared. ADvantage, the world’s leading TV performance analytics and optimization platform, gives advertisers everything they need to measure, optimize and plan for TV campaigns. Brands then use the platform’s same-day insights to maximize media spend, generate the greatest response and drive sales and conversions.

With ADvantage, the insurance provider can now track the user journey across multiple touchpoints – from when a TV spot is aired to when the user visits the website (or even calls the contact center), all the way to payment.

Read the full case study to learn more about how this insurance provider was able to get the most from its TV investment and:

  • Optimize performance of its TV campaigns on a CPA basis
  • Identify the best- and worst-performing TV spots to inform future campaigns
  • Execute the most successful integrated ad campaign in company history
  • Achieve significant sales growth