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Delivery Hero Optimizes TV-Driven Response in 40+ Countries
18 September 2018 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Marcom Director

Delivery Hero is a Berlin-based online food-delivery service that operates in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. It’s also a long-time TVSquared client, using the platform to optimize TV.

Running a cohesive, accountable marketing program across continents is no easy feat, but Delivery Hero has trail-blazed the use of continuous measurement and optimization for global advertising efforts. This level of management also applies to TV, which it leverages as as a hybrid performance-marketing channel – one that not only builds brand awareness, but also promotes immediate digital response.

We recently spoke with Aleksej Koscejev, Delivery Hero’s Global Head of Offline and Performance Marketing, about how his team uses TV to drive web and app response in target markets. The result is an informative case study that is available for download today.

In “Delivery Hero Optimizes TV-Driven Web and App Response in 40+ Countries,” Koscejev talks about how Delivery Hero:

  • Gets a continuous granular, cross-country understanding of TV performance
  • Uses same-day analytics to measure TV’s impact on web traffic
  • Expanded its use of performance analytics to attribute TV’s impact on app activity – an increasingly important response touchpoint for the brand. Delivery Hero leveraged TVSquared’s partnership with Adjust to incorporate app data (impressions, clicks, installs, in-app actions) directly into the ADvantage platform.
  • Leverages these timely performance insights to reduce CPA by 41.9%