Direct-To-Consumer Brands:
TV Performance Benchmarks

What’s working & what’s not for TV’s fastest-growing advertiser segment?

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have taken the U.S. by storm – changing the way people think about, research and buy everything from clothing and eyewear, to home goods and travel. While they made names for themselves with aggressive, targeted online marketing efforts (they are digital natives, after all), DTC brands have become one of the fastest growing groups of TV advertisers.

While they understand TV’s unparalleled reach, their migration to TV is about more than just a massive audience. TV has evolved into a performance-marketing channel – one that can be measured and optimized in real time (just like digital). And for DTC brands that live, eat and breath real-time data for every aspect of their business, TV now makes sense. Not only can they use it for reach, but for performance too.

The majority of U.S. viewers have second-screen devices nearby when watching TV. This, in turn, has made it a primary driver of digital activity for brands of all shapes and sizes. Leveraging this “kicker effect,” with continuous measurement and optimization, has been game-changing for DTC brands who are seeing major uplifts in sales and response (site visits, search, app activity, etc.).

Analyzing 15 months of TV performance data from 18 DTC brands, TVSquared released the first TV performance benchmark report for this growing industry. Discover what elements of TV buys – things like creative length, genre, day of week and time of day – are performing for DTC brands, and which ones are not.

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