On-Demand Webinar:
DTC Brands Light up TV for Performance


Hear from Marketing Architects as they share expert insights on the DTC category and best practices from leading brands, including Touch of Modern and Wag!

The DTC category is quickly becoming one of the biggest spenders in TV advertising, with its approach to data, measurement and media helping to shape the next phase of linear and digital TV.

Watch this webinar on the rise of DTC brands and their role in transforming TV advertising, and hear from Matt Hultgren, Vice President of Analytics at Marketing Architects, about how clients like Touch of Modern and Wag! use TV for performance. You’ll learn:

  • Why TV gives DTC brands a one-two punch, from reach to response
  • Key success stories that tie TV campaigns directly to business outcomes
  • Untapped opportunities for TV, including creative testing, advanced TV and optimizing the omnichannel effect
  • Insights from TVSquared’s DTC TV ad performance report

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