Empowering Local Advertisers Through TV Attribution
31 July 2019 • tvsquared
Marlessa Stivala,
Content Marketing Manager

Last year, local TV ad spend reached almost $28 billion in the U.S. – 40% of total TV spend. Advertisers are increasingly embracing local TV buys to not only strengthen awareness, but to also drive performance. To continuously strengthen these campaigns, many advertisers are partnering with forward-thinking networks and MVPDs to leverage transparent, real-time, proof-of-performance platforms.

As our CRO, Jo Kinsella, explained in a recent interview with Beet.TV, advertisers are demanding attribution to prove local TV works. This, in turn, has inspired additional investments – because when something works, you spend more! With real-time performance analytics, advertisers are identifying the exact buy elements (things like days, dayparts, programs, genres) that are driving the best response. They then use those insights to make even more effective buys.

Real-time TV performance analytics are invaluable, empowering advertisers to make more efficient buys that lead to better ROAS, higher response rates and, ultimately, more sales.

Check out Jo’s interview below. And for even more on local attribution and TV’s evolving role as a performance-marketing channel, come see us at Beet.TV’s “Going Local: Addressable TV Comes of Age” event – Wednesday, Aug. 7, in NYC.