It's the End of Traditional TV Ad Planning As We Know It - and We Feel Fine
23 November 2015 • tvsquared

Partnerships within any industry are commonplace. We hear about them often through our Google News feeds or in trade rags. But partnerships that are truly “disruptive” – inherently changing the way an industry works – are rare. TVSquared and have entered into one such partnership.

TVSquared and have joined forces to change the culture of TV ad planning, optimization and reporting forever. This description is not simply over-inflated marketing speak – it’s the cold, hard truth. As an advertiser, you can now:

  • Know when your ads air and understand their impact on ROI on the day it runs.
  • Analyze how TV ads engage customers and prospects throughout the digital ecosystem quicker than ever before.
  • Access never-before-available competitive analysis; intelligence to better understand what’s working for competitors (days, times, channels, etc.).
  • Leverage sophisticated ad-planning tools to optimize campaigns “in flight.”
  • Not have to depend on post-logs or third-party agencies for TV attribution thanks to same-day spot detection.

If you know the TV ad industry, you know that campaign planning and measurement has been mired in legacy, inaccurate ratings information and inflexible buying and optimization processes. For a $180 billion global industry, this is unacceptable. TVSquared and are changing the way this long-standing business process is done.

How are we doing it?

  • TVSquared provides the most accurate, same-day TV attribution platform in the world. Our state-of-the-art analytics platform, ADvantage, runs spot-by-spot, minute-by-minute analysis that allows advertisers to access campaign performance data on the day it runs.
  • lets advertisers track TV commercials across the top 113 networks in real time and reports on earned digital and social engagement driven by TV campaigns. It also gives clients the ability to track competitors – a never-before-seen industry asset.

Our partnership is truly a game changer and we can’t wait to share client successes with you in the months to come!