Fragmentation is an Opportunity, Not a Problem
17 October 2019 • tvsquared
Marlessa Stivala,
Content Marketing Manager

It’s not really “news” that the TV landscape is fragmenting, nor is the fact that many articles on the topic tend to be written with a sense of impending doom. I don’t share that outlook. Is the current state of TV – spanning multiple platforms and devices – overwhelming and complicated for advertisers? Of course. But it also offers major opportunities.

These concerns shouldn’t negate what an exciting time it is for TV, an industry that has evolved more rapidly in the past few years than it has over the last few decades. In fact, for advertisers, this evolution directly equates to immense opportunity – if they are nimble and willing to embrace it.

As Matt Hultgren, Marketing Architects’ VP of Analytics, explained during our most recent webinar, this fragmentation provides advertisers with more ways to test media in order to learn what works best for an individual brand’s needs.

With more ad-supported TV content than ever before, forward-thinking advertisers can now be in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding the audiences that are most responsive to their spots. In order to take full advantage of TV’s powerful performance-driving capabilities, they need to go beyond their comfort zone and experiment with TV’s different formats, including OTT and VOD. This does not mean advertisers should abandon traditional linear TV, but by testing out a more varied media mix, they will have the opportunity to engage with people they may not have been able to reach through linear alone.

Of course, this experimentation is only effective when it’s combined with continual measurement and optimization, which identifies the specific TV buy elements (including programs, genres or even creative lengths) that are driving the most response.

This process has never been simpler for advertisers. All they need to do is deploy a tag to track performance across platforms and in real time. A test-and-learn approach empowers advertisers to learn who’s actually engaging with a TV spot and responding to its call to action to, ultimately, drive sales and growth for the company: the ultimate win!