In the Wake of COVID-19, TVSquared is Offering a Free 30-Day Trial for Linear and OTT Campaigns

With increased video viewership as many audiences continue to ride out the stay-at-home orders, TV attribution has never been more important.

Find out about TVSquared’s 30-day free trial during the COVID-19 pandemic, which gives you immediate access to TV insights across OTT and linear campaigns.

Through your 30-day trial, you can:

  • Prove every dollar is working: always-on dashboards and flexible reporting tie TV to business outcomes and demonstrate real-time campaign performance (cost, response, KPIs/business outcomes)
  • Analyze OTT and linear TV performance: Granular insights show performance by daypart, day, channel, program, media service, genre and creative
  • Identify media optimizations: 30 days of data provides data-driven recommendations to inform current and future campaigns

If you’re remaining on-air throughout these challenging times and looking for ways to fine-tune your TV strategies, contact TVSquared to access your free trial.

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