FREE EBOOK:7 TV AD Trends for 2017

Free Ebook: 7 TV Ad Trends for 2017

For advertisers, TV is still king leading all other media in spend and time spent viewing. Global TV advertising is a $202 billion business that is expected to grow between 2%-5% in the next five years.

What has changed about TV is the way people consume it. The where, when and how of TV viewing has evolved significantly in the past few years and some advertisers are struggling to adapt

TVSquared’s free eBook looks at the seven biggest trends impacting the TV ad industry in 2017, including:

  • An objective analysis on the state of cord-cutting – are we really looking at the demise of cable TV?
  • The industry’s plans to fight TV ad waste, which accounts for millions in wasted resources each year
  • How flexible buying options will give advertisers more control over TV strategy and performance
  • A look at the obstacles and challenges advertisers and networks must overcome to reach the programmatic TV “Holy Grail”
  • The rise of the second-screening viewers, and how advertisers can take advantage of feedback loops
  • The need for cross-channel collaboration to make true cross-channel attribution possible
  • More transparent agency and client relationships and how data will be used and shared among them

Learn about what advertisers can do, in an increasingly fragmented market, to optimize TV and drive the greatest response.

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