Local TV: Part 3 - How Auto Drives Success With Local TV
29 January 2020 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
MarCom Director 

For several years, automotive brands have been leading the way when it comes to recognizing the immense value of the local TV ad space, using it for hyper-targeting, differentiating creatives and to drive performance.

When it comes to investing in local, BIA Advisory Services has reported that, of the $15.8 billion that auto has reserved for local TV ad spend this year, 23% will be devoted just to local broadcast.

Tier 1 through 3 auto advertisers leverage local TV to drive significant website traffic, including searches like “customize your car” or “find a nearby auto dealer.” This type of action is considered a lead, as it ultimately causes an in-person dealership visit—the lifeblood of auto sales (and website lift works as a proxy for purchase).

Local is also critical to auto brands maintaining a long-term, trusted relationship with customers, whether these spots inspire things like selling in repairs or simply staying “top of mind” for a future car purchase.

As part of a larger conversation on maximizing local TV in 2020, TVSquared’s CRO and EVP, Jo Kinsella, and Danielle DeLauro, EVP of the VAB (Video Advertising Bureau), recently discussed why local remains such a major channel for auto.

Listen below to hear their insights, which include specific examples of auto brands that have found success with optimizing and measuring their local TV ad campaigns.