How UK TV Advertisers Use TV to Drive Business 
14 November 2019 • tvsquared
Marlessa Stivala,
Content Marketing Manager

UK advertisers are heating up TV, spending £4.4 billion on spots in 2019 alone – a number that’s projected to steadily increase over the next few years. Along the way, they’re also learning the benefits of real-time, data-driven insights to achieve optimal campaign success, leading to sales and business growth.

Earlier this week, TVSquared released analysis of TV ad performance among UK-based brands, spanning multiple verticals such as travel and finance. Examining 2019 performance data, £49.2 million in TV ad spend and more than 300,000 spots, we identified which buy elements drove the highest levels of response, and which ones did not. Here are some highlights:

Short Creative Lengths Hit It Out of the Park

The report found that 10- and 20-second spots drove the most response across categories, while also being the most cost effective. The cost per response (CPR) rates were 35% and 30% below average, respectively.

Weekends Produced Major Response

Saturday and Sunday proved to be the most effective days for garnering strong TV-driven response. Saturday’s response rate was 66% above average, while Sunday’s was close behind at +56%. Meanwhile, Monday was the least effective day, with a response rate of 39% below average.

In conjunction with the report, we also featured two prominent UK TV ad players – the7stars and Secret Escapes – as part of TVSquared’s Leadership Video Series. Both interviews provide excellent “real-world views” into how advertisers are using these types of performance insights to optimize TV like digital. Here are two key takeaways from the interviews:

Data-Driven Insights are Crucial for Campaign Success

Stephanie Trivass, Secret Escapes’ Head of ATL Advertising, talked about how “having data at the heart of everything [they] do” has been critical to the company’s success.

“Using TVSquared has been really quite useful for us to improve the business, the amount of new members and the amount of traffic we’re bringing to our various sites, and to really understand how a TV ad is performing and how to plan future campaigns.”

For Secret Escapes, these valuable insights include higher level details such as daypart, and more granular details such as specific program airings.

Proof of Performance Inspires More TV Spend

As a general rule, people will spend more if something is proven to work. During his interview, Simen Moen, the7star’s Data Analyst, focused heavily on this point. He explained how empowering clients with intel on which TV buy elements work best for their specific needs leads to greater trust and financial investments in TV.

The7stars’ flexibility as an independent media agency, combined with TVSquared’s always-on analytics platform, allows it to regularly make changes to clients’ media buys for optimal results.

“[We consistently see] clients increase ad spend over time … Being able to show them reports from TVSquared and have them look at TVSquared themselves does really show the potential TV has for driving direct response.” 

Check out the videos below and download TVSquared’s 2019 UK TV Performance Insights infographic.