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Innovations in Audience Analytics
16 August 2018 • tvsquared
Shona Maguire,
Product Marketing Manager

For decades, audience measurement and targeting for TV were all about how many viewers were watching a particular program. It was limiting; even more so as digital emerged and brought real-time measurement and optimization to the forefront.

In the last few years, major changes in digital, smart TVs and panel-based tracking have allowed TV to “catch up” – meaning we can offer deeper levels of audience analytics (well beyond age and gender) to give a more complete picture of not only who is watching TV, but who is watching AND responding AND converting.

In our latest “Ad Break” webinar, CTO Blair Robertson, discusses the evolution of audience-level TV insights, and how advertisers can use them to discover who is responding to spots and optimize spend for those target audiences.

To learn more about how enriched audience data can transform your TV strategy, watch our on-demand webinar: “Understanding the ‘Who’ Behind TV-Driven Response.”