Local TV: Defining Trends for the Year Ahead

Over the past year, the local TV ad space has been integral to the industry’s shift away from ratings and toward impressions, as performance becomes the new currency.

In our new video series with the VAB, “Local TV: Defining Trends for the Year Ahead”, our President, Jo Kinsella, and VAB’s EVP, Danielle DeLauro, discuss the importance of embracing impressions plus performance, as well as other key trends, including the untapped opportunity of local for DTC advertisers and how auto brands drive success with local TV.

Part 1: Down with Ratings … Long Live Impressions + Performance!

Learn about what performance looks like to different advertisers and how to maximize it for both short- and longer-term response (and not at the expense of brand building).

Part 2: DTCs & the Untapped Opportunity
of Local TV

Learn how DTCs can take advantage of local TV, and how some brands have already found success by adding it to their TV mix.

Part 3: How Auto Drives Success
With Local TV

Hear why local remains such a major channel for auto, including specific examples of auto brands that have found success with optimizing and measuring their local TV ad campaigns.

Part 4: How Political Ad Spend Will Impact
Local TV in 2020

Hear how the 2020 elections will impact local TV advertisers across all industries this year—and how they can reevaluate their campaigns to maximize effective and efficient results.

Part 5: The Need for Collaboration, Trust and Transparency

Learn why advertisers need to embrace collaboration and leverage trust.

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