Local TV: Part 1 – The Year of Impressions + Performance
15 January 2020 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
MarCom Director

Spearheaded by brands used to digital-born, real-time metrics and demanding the same timely insights from TV, the “ratings rebellion” has been a few years in the making. And in 2019, the local TV space joined the rebels by adopting impressions as a currency.

Impressions tell advertisers “who” saw their spots, and they are a cornerstone of digital measurement. They provide a more consistent measurement across digital and TV initiatives, support cross-platform selling and are valuable assets for audience-based buying and targeting.

Local’s shift to impressions was monumental progress for the TV industry as a whole, but what will define 2020 will be the move toward impressions PLUS performance as a currency. It’s not just about who watched a spot (impressions), but it’s also about how people responded to it (performance), all the way down to measuring its impact on specific business outcomes.

While local played “catch up” when it came to adopting impressions, it’s at the forefront of the move toward performance. Local TV ad players, including Effectv, NBCU and Ampersand, have already taken more consultative approaches with their advertisers, measuring TV performance across clients’ campaigns and leveraging data-backed results to inform changes to TV schedules over time.

I recently spoke with Jo Kinsella, TVSquared’s EVP/CRO, and Danielle DeLauro, VAB’s EVP, to understand how performance will impact local TV advertisers in 2020 and beyond. Give it a listen to learn about what performance looks like to different advertisers and how to maximize it for both short- and longer-term response (and not at the expense of brand building).