Money Is Coming Back to Local Cable Because It Works
03 September 2019 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
MarCom Director

Media dollars are coming back to local cable TV. Why? Because now the sell-side can prove it works.

Last month, TVSquared and Effectv (formerly Comcast Spotlight) launched the first, scaled local TV attribution solution – setting the baseline for sell-side-driven proof of performance.

Instant IMPACT, powered by TVSquared, is an always-on attribution platform that brings proof of performance to all of Effectv’s advertisers. Hundreds of advertisers (and counting) in 23 markets already use it to get real-time insights into the networks, dayparts, programs and days of week driving the greatest online response. They have a transparent view into the lift that comes from TV and tie it back to lower-funnel metrics.

This level of transparency has given advertisers the confidence to increase their TV investments – some have even doubled spend – and commit to much longer-term campaigns.

To learn much more about this game-changing initiative, watch a recent Beet.TV interview with TVSquared’s Jo Kinsella: