Understand inventory value, optimize pricing and give advertisers the confidence to increase spend


TVSquared makes TV work better for networks and their advertisers.

With access to same-day TV performance, networks get a detailed look into the value of inventory and identify the days, times, shows and genres that work best for advertisers giving them confidence to increase spend because campaigns drive results.

Matching the right brand to the right media is a win-win situation. Brands get more sales at lower CPAs, incentivizing them to spend more with networks. Our network customers regularly see TV budgets double, and their advertisers improve TV efficiency between 20-80%.


With the advent of digital and the fragmentation of the TV industry, advertisers have scores of options to market themselves. Linear TV is still the most powerful advertising channel and now networks can prove it.

Leverage TVSquared’s same-day TV performance analytics to:

  • See the programming that drives advertiser value
  • Understand the type of shows to buy/commission to attract specific brands and verticals
  • Protect ad dollars by giving advertisers the measurement they want
  • Set pricing based on customer value vs. straight CPMs or unit prices
  • Provide high-value insights to media for equity programs
  • Compete against digital by attracting “evidence-based advertisers” back to TV


Using same-day data from multiple sources, including web, call centers, apps, mobile, SMS, third-party sites and retail, TVSquared runs continuous analysis on the impact of every spot in a TV campaign.

Onboarding for networks and advertisers is simple. Once spot data is uploaded, valuable TV performance analysis can be accessed in a few hours.

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Make TV work in ways never thought possible


Get the “who, what, when and where” of ad performance and optimize TV for response


Sync TV spots with paid search campaigns to maximize conversions

Spot Detection

Access automated, real-time spot detection for faster, more accurate insights

Work that used to take weeks to do properly now takes minutes. The time-savings alone justified the investment.


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