Proof of linear and digital TV performance for networks and publishers

Whether you’re an MVPD, national or local broadcaster, use performance analytics to prove linear and digital TV performance.

Tie TV Advertising To Response

Increase ad revenue and retain existing business by empowering sales teams to change the conversation and prove TV works. TVSquared’s always-on TV analytics platform ties ad exposure to real-world, business outcomes so that you can quantify TV’s immediate impact. This includes measuring brand engagement/ response via the advertiser’s website or app, including onsite and in-app actions, right down to actual sales.

Performance analytics is an eye-opener for clients, because it’s the first time they’ve really been able to have proper accountability for television advertising at the local market. We think there’s going to be a whole generation of local advertisers that are now going to think about television in this way and it will really be a game changer.

Justin Evans

Former Vice President, Data Strategy, Effectv, a Comcast Company


Get the “who, what, when and where” of TV ad performance and optimize for response


Manage and control TV investments across countries, brands, roles and responsibilities


Understand the longer-term impact of TV campaigns in the weeks and months after they air


Measure impressions and outcomes across OTT advertising and maximize campaign performance

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