Optimize TV Ads During the Holidays (and All Year ‘Round!)
24 September 2017 • tvsquared
Jamie Lemle,
VP of Marketing

Your Holiday TV Ad Check List is Here! 

Holiday sales are expected to reach $5.1 trillion this year, and a third of all consumers will start shopping in October. While the majority of purchases are still made in-store, 85% of shoppers start their journey on digital devices, and e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 16.6%.

Effectively reaching shoppers who consume media via different channels and devices (often simultaneously) has never been more important. TV is a crucial part of the media mix – not only for reach and awareness, but also to directly drive both online and offline sales.

TV advertisers need to make a list and check it twice to ensure campaigns generate maximum response. Here are 5 tips to help you get there:

  1. Think differently about TV

Gone are the days of planning, buying and gauging TV success based on GRP or ratings data. Linear TV is now an optimizable marketing channel. With the right technologies, TV can reach target audiences with tailored messages, you can accurately know who’s watching and when, you can measure impact and you can optimize on-air spots.

2. Reevaluate calls-to-action

More than 87% of TV viewers watch with second-screen devices in-hand or nearby. Whether we realize it or not, we engage digitally with TV every day. Using bold, digital calls-to-action within TV ads help advertisers take advantage of these second-screeners. Tell viewers to go straight to your site, download an app or text right now. Consumers are “in the moment,” so encourage them to engage – and engage now!

3. Establish a dynamic baseline

Static baselines lead to inaccurate results and costly errors. Baselines are inherently dynamic, and yours has to be too. Minute-by-minute baselines from same-day measurements show how TV campaigns are preforming while they’re running.

4. Understand TV’s immediate impact

Knowing the short-term effect of TV is crucial. Don’t wait weeks to analyze performance. Day-of analysis from website traffic, apps, phone, search and SMS show how TV is impacting ROI right now. If you’re looking at old data to gauge TV performance, you’re missing out on major opportunities.

5. Embrace in-flight optimization  

You’ve been told that in-flight changes to TV campaigns can’t happen. This isn’t true. Understanding the immediate impact of your TV spots – knowing what’s working and what’s not – you can make day, daypart, program, genre and network changes to remedy the issue while your campaign is still on-air. (Of course, scatter and clearance buys make these changes easier.)

Now’s the time to reevaluate your TV campaign performance – and optimize spots for maximum online and offline sales. Make TV a performance-driven channel for you this holiday season and beyond.


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