Automated, Real-Time Spot Detection

Real-Time Spot Detection

Spot data is a core component of TV attribution, but it’s been notoriously difficult to get. Advertisers have had to rely on time-consuming manual detection or third-party resources, which slow the time-to-results. And, in some markets, the accuracy of this data is questionable.

TVSquared has changed all that with automated, real-time spot detection with ADwatch.

Powered by Automated Content Recognition (ACR) technology, TVSquared’s ADwatch automatically detects when a TV ad airs. In real-time, advertisers can see their spots, analyze performance and know if their investments have worked or not.

The Value of ADwatch

With automated spot detection:

  • Get faster, more accurate performance insights
  • Optimize both TV spots and search strategies earlier than competitors to drive performance and ROI

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