Sync TV and Search for Maximum Response

TV is a Primary Driver of Search

Since the majority of TV-driven searches take place in the minutes after spots air, it’s crucial that advertisers secure the top ranking to take advantage of this response.

TVSquared’s SearchSync helps advertisers maximize response by syncing their TV spots with paid search campaigns.

SearchSync detects when a TV spot runs and triggers a dedicated search campaign to effectively optimize search spend in the minutes following an airing – ensuring the top search ranking when consumer intent-to-buy and engage are at its highest.

Why SearchSync?

Whether you’re a brand or agency, with SearchSync:

  • Drive double-digit conversion uplift by capitalizing on the 90% of TV viewers who watch with second-screen devices
  • Avoid losing out to competitors by securing the top rankings in the critical minutes after spot airs
  • Maximize budgets by securing the top spot when it matters the most – when consumer intent-to-buy is at its highest

Sync Strategies to Increase Sales

Don’t just capitalize on your own TV campaigns. SearchSync lets you target competitors’ TV activity, and even ads for complementary products, to capture TV-driven search traffic for your own site.

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