Q&A with Renata Santos of Delivery Hero
18 December 2018 • tvsquared
Shona Maguire,
Product Marketing Manager

A long-time TVSquared customer, Berlin-based Delivery Hero is a publicly listed online food-delivery service that operates in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. With 6,000+ employees, Delivery Hero leads the industry in orders, restaurant partnerships and active customers.

We spoke to Renata Santos, Delivery Hero’s Offline Marketing Manager, about the company’s TV strategy, the importance of TV-to-app attribution and its future plans for creative testing.

Delivery Hero began working with TVSquared to get a granular, real-time look at TV campaign performance by country, day, daypart, network, program, genre and creative. Can you tell us how you use the ADvantage platform?

Renata Santos, Delivery Hero

I work within ADvantage every day. I have my own KPIs and make decisions on where to increase or reallocate budget for increased efficiency. From there, I speak with our local agencies and make plans for the next campaign. We continually repeat this process and optimize TV continuously.

Has ADvantage helped you measure and optimize TV performance more like digital?

Yes; TVSquared’s technology definitely helps us to measure and optimize like we do with our digital channels. Without it, we would have to do everything manually, it would be very difficult to find out where to optimize and to have the exact probabilities needed to make those optimizations.

At Delivery Hero, we are very data-driven. We won’t make any decisions without backing them up with data – showing numbers to prove it makes sense. One of the main tasks for us is optimizing our media-buying strategies, and many of our decisions are based on the data we pull from ADvantage.

Attributing TV-to-app activity has become highly important to Delivery Hero. Can you tell us about how you attribute that type of TV-driven response?

Most people watch TV with second-screen device in their hands – and those are most commonly smartphones or tablets. Even though our ads promote both our app and website, app definitely has a big importance on direct response, which is measured by TVSquared.

We leveraged TVSquared’s partnership with Adjust for app attribution. Both platforms are connected via API, meaning our app data is automatically sent to ADvantage for attribution.

When it comes to making optimizations to creatives, are most done in post-production?

Typically, most of our creative changes are made during production, when we are able to iterate with customers and understand the optimization opportunities. Nevertheless, post-production changes also happen, and an important source of data for those adjustments is ADvantage.