Quick Take: The Impact of Apple TV+
05 April 2019 • tvsquared
Mark Hudson,
Head of Business Intelligence

Last week, Apple launched Apple TV+ – its ad-free TV streaming service. At a time when the online video marketplace, once ruled by Netflix, is becoming increasingly crowded, what does this news mean for the industry? Here are three things to know:

  1. It’s Off Limits to Advertisers (at Least for Now)

Apple’s stated commitment of not sharing user data with advertisers and offering ad-free content obviously puts Apple TV+ “off limits” to traditional advertisers.

  1. The Service will Extend Apple’s Reach

The service will open up Apple TV to a larger audience that was formerly dependent upon owning Apple hardware. Its partnerships with Sony, Samsung, Roku, VIZIO, Amazon and others will also help extend the service’s reach. On top of all that, more than 1.5 billion Apple users worldwide will now automatically get this app with their next update.

  1. Content is Key  

Apple is entering a highly crowded market and competition is fierce. Other players in the space offer up pretty much the same accessibility to premium content (apart from productions Apple has exclusive agreements with).

But make no mistake, it’s all about the content – it has to be unique, captivating and binge-worthy. Whether it will be remains to be seen. But content is what will differentiate Apple TV+ and pull in subscribers to the service. And the competition knows this is the case too, especially Amazon and Netflix, which have reportedly devoted $6B and $15B, respectively, to program production.