Simplifying TV Needs to be the New Normal
23 October 2019 • tvsquared
Marlessa Stivala,
Content Marketing Manager

As we’ve said before, the evolution of TV has caused confusion across the industry. Savvy advertisers want to connect with engaged audiences, but also need to prove that their media dollars are spent effectively so that business goals are achieved.

Good news: it’s not actually that complicated. In fact, all TV spots (whether they’re on traditional linear or digital TV) can now be measured for performance in one platform.

Yesterday, TVSquared’s CRO, Jo Kinsella, spoke at MediaPost’s TV + Video Insider Summit, addressing how attribution has evolved to empower all segments of the industry – agencies, brands and publishers. Here are the top takeaways from her presentation:

1. Embrace the Media Mix

Jo stressed the need for advertisers to not think of TV advertising as linear vs. digital.

“Linear is still winning. That said, the surge in streaming has been off the scale. We are getting so much interest in the ability to measure OTT and linear in the same platform, side by side.”

Jo Kinsella, speaking at the 2019 MediaPost TV + Video Insider Summit in Montauk, N.Y.

She said how, for advertisers, it’s about the media mix – experimenting with various platforms to learn what’s working best for response and then optimizing buys and reallocating spend accordingly.

2. Don’t Settle

“Don’t settle for anything less than your best performance.”

Since all TV ads can be measured and optimized in real-time, there’s no need for advertisers to tolerate mediocre performance results.

Jo advised brands to continually test and learn, reminding them that their data can be leveraged to get holistic measurement across platforms – all they need to “go live” is a tag.

She also urged agencies to embrace transparency to help retention and growth, while noting that proof of performance benefits publishers looking for the best content for their advertisers too.

3. It’s Simple … Just Say “Yes”

“The perceived complexity is stopping us from moving forward. It’s actually really simple. You need to measure TV, you need to prove it works and you need to make small, iterative changes to drive success.”

Driving success is simple – advertisers just need to say “yes” to proof of performance today.